Craig Thomas

Angular front-end web developer amongst other things.


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Staff Software Enginner Dec 2020 - Present | Remote/London/Califonia

Promotion came from successful work as architect and lead of one SaaS application and head of a feature team for another. The other SaaS was a new Vue 2 application built using latest composition API standards in preparation for Vue 3. Large amounts of data required quick and efficient display to allow users to make high value investment and risk decisions. Performance was key. SaaS frontend applications I built involve a combination of Scala, C# .NET, GraphQL, Angular, React and Vue Nuxt stacks.

SKILLS: Angular 11, Vue 2, Nuxt, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, NPM, YARN, Webpack, Git, Jenkins, Azure, AWS, Jasmine, Karma, Jest, Cypress, Scrum, GraphQL, JIRA
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Senior Software Enginner Jul 2017 - Dec 2020 | Remote/London/Califonia

Head up the front-end of a green field Angular SaaS application. Worked tightly with the team on a journey of empowering users from a desktop application into the new cloud based SaaS application. High performance and scalable architecture was essential. Along the way, I also had a hand in helping build a web component design system which powers all applications company wide.

SKILLS: AngularJS, Angular 11, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Gulp, NPM, Webpack, Git, Jenkins, AWS, Jasmine, Karma, Scrum, JIRA

Open to projects to play with. Open source project that needs a frontend?


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Senior Web Developer Jul 2015 - Present | Cardiff/Remote

Contract. Head up front-end of web application. Designed and implemented a modern development stack inc. AngularJS, SCSS, Gulp. Later refactored completely with Angular 4, TypeScript, NPM, and Webpack. Full e2e and unit test coverage with Karma, Jasmine, and Istanbul. CI with TeamCity.

SKILLS: AngularJS, Angular 4, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, LESS, SCSS, Grunt, Gulp, NPM, Webpack, Git, C#.NET, TeamCity, Jasmine, Karma
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Co-founder Oct 2012 - Jan 2016 | Cardiff/Bournemouth

Limited company. Tidy Digital was an innovative User Experience and Data Science consultancy. Lots of ups and downs, and many lessons learned. Recommend you check out the story.

SKILLS: User experience, Data science, Management
Psyduction Aug 2009 - Mar 2013

An old project from 2009. 'Psyduction' is a term coined to describe the psycology of dating.

Started as a blog with the aim of discovering and investigating the psychological understanding of dating, inside and out. Very popular at the time, but since retired.

Co-organiser Sep 2015 - May 2018 | Cardiff

One of three organisers for the only official Google Developer Group in Wales.

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Marlow Culture Hub May 2016

Freelance. Wireframe project to create an in house 'culture hub' where employees could share, encourage, and generally interact with the company culture. Client very happily signed off the wireframes with minor feedback.

SKILLS: Wireframing, User experience
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Senior Front-end Web Developer Jul 2013 - Jul 2015 | Remote

Contract. One of a new two man exclusive product R&D department working on new products. Designed and built front-end stack. Chose AngularJS as the key framework. Automated Grunt build with full e2e and unit test coverage.

SKILLS: AngularJS, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Grunt, NPM, Git, PHP, Jenkins, Jasmine, Karma, Istanbul, PhantomJS
Enlightr Dec 2008 - Mar 2013

Racked up over 600k unique visitors during its time.

Enlightr was a way of taking self improvement information from the web and summarising into meaningful, referable chunks. This was very successful at the time as information overload was becoming an issue. Project has since been retired.

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Wales National Coordinator Jun 2014 - Apr 2016 | Wales

Contract. Grew Code Club's throughout Wales. Succeeded in over doubling clubs and volunteers. Impassioned 1000's of Welsh children with coding. Consulted and advised Welsh Government with 2018's ICT GCSE redesign. Established critical collaborations with: BBC, BT, DVLA, Samsung, and local authorities.

SKILLS: Scratch, Python, Teaching, Speaking, Management, Negotiating
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The Boardroom Network Aug 2016

Freelance. The Boardroom Network which is one of the South of England's biggest networking events. Produced a rough mock up of where we can take things with user experience. Client was very impressed, and hope to move towards these ideas in the near future.

SKILLS: Wireframing, User experience
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Web Developer / Usability Consultant Dec 2010 - Jul 2013 | Bournemouth

Started in 2010 as a Web Developer in the client support department. Excelled by closing over 3000 support requests in the first year. Promoted to Head of the Usability Department in 2011. Maintained web development skills by building all client Usability feature improvements. Built features with a mix of C#, VB, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Implemented significant conversion increases with all clients. Worked with brand such as: Audi, Bowlplex, Haier, Mobil1, Camelot, Vanquis, Naim, and Kohler.

SKILLS: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, TortoiseSVN, C#, VB.NET, PHP, Behat, Selenium, IIS, Visual Studio, Usability, User experience
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Senior Web Development Consultant Apr 2016 - Oct 2016 | Remote

Contract. Leading web developer and user experience consultant. Wire-framed and built new project front-end stacks with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Gulp. Integrated with back-end Ruby-on-rails stack. Consulted each project from start to a successful finish.

SKILLS: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Gulp, NPM, Git, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, User experience, User interface design
Website IP Aug 2011 - Present

First dive into Chrome browser extensions. Simply put, it adds the IP of the current website you are viewing to the bottom right. Nothing like this existed for Chrome in 2011. It receives over 60,000 daily users.

jGravity Apr 2012

jGravity adds gravity to either all or specified elements within a page. Very similar to how Google presented 'Google Gravity' in an earlier Google easter egg. At the height of jQuery in 2012, this plugin was the first of its kind.

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